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Household water purifier

Aqua Softy(UF)
Filtration method Hollow fiber membrane (UF) method
Manufacturer ShinWha ENG Co., Ltd.
Effective integer quantity 1,700L
Characteristic 1) Water purification is possible even at low water pressure (about 0.5kg/㎠)
2) Economical provision of mineral-rich water
Water purification step
Time constant City water income
PRE FILTER Removes more than 0.5 Micron of suspended matter, rust residue, and suspended colloidal foreign matter
PRE CARBON FILTER Removal of residual chlorine, trihalomethane, organic chemicals, adsorption removal
POST CARBON FILTER Removes chlorine by-products and various harmful chemicals once again, protects the performance of the membrane filter and extends its lifespan.
ULTRA FILTRATION Through pores of 0.01~0.04㎛, heavy gold, bacteria, and various harmful substances are removed, and water containing minerals that are good for the body is provided.
T.C.R FILTER Removes unpleasant tastes and odors and gases dissolved in water to make the best taste of water.
Faucet Faucet (use)