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Electronic control system

Installation case
R/O System Our advantage is that R/o System Controller can be self-developed as a microprocessor to enable unmanned operation management.
  • Microprocessor mounted
  • Adoption of large L.C.D
  • Self-diagnosis function
  • Driving situation
  • Level position
  • Trip status
  • Trip status
  • Alarm status
  • The above information is displayed in L.C.D. The alarm and message are displayed in the L.C.D. Miniaturization of the R/O system Control operation is simple. Designed to be able to check all situations in front of Ro System Panel in one place.
    Inside the Panel with Microprpcessor
    Unit 00 R/o System Manal Switch Box
    The R/o System is operated entirely automatically, but it is used when automatic operation is not possible due to a failure of each sensor & when the administrator manages it by manual operation according to necessity. Convenience is maximized during manual operation.)
    Front of Ro System
    Operation panel of Unit 00 R/o System
    A microprocessor is mounted to maximize performance, and an LCD panel is mounted to provide operator convenience by displaying all states such as operation status = Message, ALARM status = Message, storage tank status = Message, etc.
    Automatic water treatment control
    Shinwha ENG Co., Ltd. manufactures PLC and all automatic control of water treatment by research and development by its own electronic business department, so it is cheaper than other water treatment companies and is mainly manufactured for convenient operation.
    Advanced Oxidation Process Water Purification Facility
    Advanced water purification system (OH RADICAL generation method by advanced oxidation method
    Boiler water treatment facility
    The PLC of this facility is adopted by Mitsubishi, which boasts high reliability. Programming is also managed by itself, so that the Solenoid Box of each valve is installed separately so that the operation of the managers is easy, so that each valve can also be opened/closed arbitrarily. When 1 Tain is supplied, 1Train is a stand-by type system after regeneration