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Products from our company feature unmanned operation of R/O system using in-house developed microprocessor.
1. Inclusion of microprocessor
2. Adoption of large sized LCD
3. Self diagnosis
4. Operation status
5. Level location
6. Trip status
7. Alarm status
8. Above alarms and messages are displayed on LCD. In addition, simple control and miniaturization of R/O system is achieved.
Every status can be monitored through front side of R/O system panel.

R/O system is designed to be operated automatically, but it gives manual control feature upon sensor failure (manual switch is included inside, and convenience in manual operation is maximized.)

Microprocessor is included for maximum performance, and LCD panel displays operation status, such as message, alarm status, storage tank status, etc.

develops PLC and automatic water control system by in-house development team. Therefore, it is cheaper and more convenient compared to other manufacturer.

Advanced water purification equipment (generation of OH radical using advanced oxidation method)

PLC for this facility adopts the products from Mitsubishi that show the superior reliability. Programming over PLC is
also managed directly for easier operation by managers by installing separate solenoid box for each valve.
Therefore, open/closure of each valve can be controlled arbitrarily.
Upon the supply of 1 train, system will be stand-by after generation of 1 train.